How to organise meetings that Rock Countless stories are associated with rock bands. Old Masters say that all rock music has its origins in blues. And when there is blues there are as well women, drink, passion, madness. It’s the stuff rockers draw inspiration from, stories make their work immortal, and then they become myths. […]



How to organise meetings that Rock Music has a tremendous power because it works directly on the listener. Rhythm travels directly to the unconscious part of the brain and triggers positive emotions. You probably know about the experiment by a Swiss doctor who with experiment has proven that the sand on a plate, on which […]



How to organise meetings that Rock Ultimate rock’n’roll bands are marked by the authenticity, use of instruments for their performance or the basic idea of the band. Fakes do not work. Browse through your musical memories. Do you still remember the fake German duo Milli Vanilli? All the great musicians are throughout their career genuine […]



How to organise meetings that Rock Meetings industry is in many ways similar to rock ‘n’ roll. It is passion, commitment, striving for diversity and visibility. With all boldness and a strong voice at the right time to show the best of what you have. To impress the audience and leave an impression. To establish […]

Energy at meetings


How to organise meetings that Rock Came, sang, performed, thrilled. Have you ever talked in a style of stage energy and on this stage it was incredible and contagious? ‘Sound is energy that propagates through the space as a wave’, is the textbook definition. It spreads like a fuzzy noise, or with its height, colour, […]