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DATE: Somewhere in the recent past

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CLIENT: Toleranca

EXECUTION: No please!


Short description of the project – idea, strategy:

When people from Toleranca contacted us about the rebranding, we started to research who they were and what they did. Soon enough we realized that they are more than just another event agency and that actually we have a lot of in common. So, from the beginning we had a feeling that this is going to be an interesting project to work on…and the brief they sent also helped a lot.


The real challenge was how to represent Toleranca as a company that’s not just about events, but one for which there are various levels in the way they work and think. We wanted that the new logo represents their approach to work and clients; we wanted to make a clear representation of their work philosophy. Another thing that we should mention, and it always makes things a bit more difficult, is that we haven’t had the chance to meet. All the correspondence was through email and most of the time, if we can, we like to meet our clients. It’s just easier to represent them through design if you meet them first. Luckily for everybody, however, this was one of those occasions where things just clicked from the start. We eventually met in Ljubljana, but design wasn’t the reason – it was more about beer, wine and good company!


The logo represents a strong and clear basis/skeleton that is needed when starting a project, especially events. We used a monoline approach to express minimalism of a start/beginning and the potential the project/event represents. The skeleton of a project is its starting point and is always upgraded in the later stages of a project. We tried to do the same with colours; use of different colours represents the possibility to adapt to any situation or project demands.

After the event – overview, effectiveness:

Well, you better ask guys from Toleranca 😊

Rebranding is a process that takes some time and we are doing it step by step in close collaboration with Toleranca. We have agreed on different phases in which the new brand will be implemented. Our approach is that rebranding should be a process in which some degree of planning is involved. The whole transition should be smooth and every application of the new logo studied. Honestly, it’s a cool project so we are deliberately dragging it out a bit…

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