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We constantly strive for the highest quality and highest satisfaction of our clients, so we have developed some methods and techniques with which we can measure the levels of satisfaction at any given time. Since 2009 we have also been carrying out continuous independent research through Hidden Congress Guest and Destination Benchmark. These initiatives allow you to measure market position and active strategy engagement through our training programme.

Hidden congress guest
We systematically assess hotel and conference facilities and identify flaws and weaknesses in service provision to help drive improvement to quality and satisfaction, ultimately for the benefit of your clients.


Destination benchmark
The meetologues project – a twist on congress travelogues – is our objective interpretation of destinations and their competitive position. We use a special matrix, which we call the “Experiential index of a congress destination.” It is a reference system that enables realistic comparison of destinations over time.


The preparation of congress standards that was carried out for the Slovenian Convention Bureau is a pioneering project and the basic step for setting up the organisational structure of a congress destination that operates transparently on a public-private partnership (PPP) model. The project has been applied in a number of destinations around the world.


We offer training on the principle of experiential learning, which is based on practical situations in the business world and is experience that can be used in your daily work.