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Marketing action plan for the Ljubljana Convention Bureau

Our goal was to devise a marketing action plan for the Ljubljana Convention Bureau with the help of an innovative tool that combines marketing and playing cards.


The core challenge of most meeting destinations is transforming a marketing strategy into an operative marketing plan. The corona crisis has shuffled the cards in this field and stirred doubt among meeting planners in activities which delivered added value before the corona crisis. In addition, intense digitalisation did not curb marketing. The greatest challenge is to create a detailed and financially evaluated plan that calculates added value whilst considering uncertainties that have become omnipresent in all activities.


Over the course of a decade, we have systematically collected and managed various marketing activities relevant to the meetings industry. In consulting destinations, we realised that their main problem is activity prioritisation. Marketing budgets seldom happen to be high enough for everything destinations wish to achieve. That is why we intertwined the legendary decision matrix of Dwight Eisenhower and playing cards (rummy). Our approach includes dividing the attendees into four thematic groups and choosing the leader of each. Each member of the group receives playing cards with written micro-marketing activities. The goal is for the team to place the cards as quickly as possible in the fields of the decision matrix (urgent, not urgent, important, not important). Each player can add their own cards – marketing activities. The winner of the group is the person who is able to get the most cards in the field of urgent and important and provide argumentation. New ideas are welcome and extensively rewarded. This simple method incites prioritisation and new ideas. More importantly, it prompts innovativeness.


In less than two hours, we overviewed over 360 activities for Ljubljana Convention Bureau and segmented them into the decision matrix. Out of all suggestions, we selected 120 activities that served as the basis for preparing the budget for 2023. All activities were ranked and divided into urgent, important and those that will be executed long-term. The evaluated matrix is the basis for the strategic plan of action for the Ljubljana Convention Bureau.

See how this looked like in practice in the video below:


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