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How to organise meetings that Rock

Ultimate rock’n’roll bands are marked by the authenticity, use of instruments for their performance or the basic idea of the band. Fakes do not work. Browse through your musical memories. Do you still remember the fake German duo Milli Vanilli? All the great musicians are throughout their career genuine and generally modest.

In difficult times, it seems that people want to resort to the good old days. Positive memories outweigh the harsh reality. Genuine is all that is authentic. Nostalgic search for authenticity is also interesting for the meetings participants. We all like to look for and invent unique experiences that are nothing other than the authentic and slightly nostalgically spiced stories. Authentic cuisine, authentic music, special historical sites and cultural history are at the core of any good event from incentives to large conferences. Participants like returning to nature, pay for learning about an authentic way of life, feelings, smells and places.

The event organisers are the creators of the SIMULATED AUTHENTICITY. Most often we try to conjure it up through the use of space that is evoking positive nostalgic feelings. Special venues are great added value of meetings destinations. Sometimes we do not even see them all at all and they have to be invented. Such cases are often abandoned industrial facilities.

With simulated authenticity at events, moreover, it is possible to use a wide range of positive stimuli. Some are indispensable. In the first place are various culinary stories that go back to different historical periods. An excellent example is the Tastes of Slovenia project, which is based on ancient recipes and enables to learn about traditional food and culinary diversity of Slovenia. During coffee breaks we can play with a variety of retro products that are an integral part of the service. For example drink Cockta in the area of SE Europe is a typical retro product that exudes authentic nostalgic feelings.

Many organisers use as part of the scenery objects from the past and memorabilia with which the community was once connected. This may also be photographs of important events of professional associations, key personalities and everything triggers a positive collective memory. This could be a reception under haystacks in the original hayracks museum in Šentrupert in Dolenjska.

The most basic is definitely music. If you know how to capture the spirit of the participants, then only with the music you can conjure up a special atmosphere. It is important to catch the spirit of the times in which most of the participants grew up.

The ideal is to create events that are genuine in their own right. Those trigger intense positive experiences. For this we need in the first place to be very familiar with our audience. Car artefacts and TOP GEAR stories are more likely to positively affect men.

If we build events on the authenticity there is a good chance that we will initiate positive emotional reactions. But here we also have great responsibility. We must whenever provide evidence or concrete historical sources with which we can corroborate our story. We can only refer to the stories that are true, verifiable and relevant. The biggest mistakes are fictional historical characters or events that only pretend to be genuine.



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