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Carinthia Incentives

Carinthia Incentives


On the basis of in-depth analysis of the destination and workshops with stakeholders, we prepared 75 incentive stories that can be combined into incentive programmes and carried out in the Austrian region of Carinthia – a hotspot for incentives.

The chosen key product was an “incentive”. Before that, we originated from the destination’s advantages, which we connected with the new slogan MEETING WITHOUT BORDERS. When we carried out a profound field analysis, we came to the conclusion that the offer is very diverse but completely unadapted to the challenging incentive organisers. Next to that, individual activities were not packed into programmes (24 hours, 48 hours), which made it difficult for successful marketing. This is the reason behind our fieldwork to search for and try out every single programme.


What came next was the preparation of individual stories, which we then jointly presented in the Carinthia Incentives brochure and on the website. The portal became a web anchor, around which we developed all the tools necessary for direct marketing. We further enhanced the project with the Incentives Alpe Adria event, which was successfully executed in April 2018. The highlight of our efforts in this field was the largest car launch in the history of Carinthia (Mercedes X-class car launch). The crucial part of this story was the itineraries on picturesque Alpine roads, chosen specifically for this target group.


75 Incentives Stories, published in print (CARINTHIA INCENTIVE IDEAS BOOK) and on