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Pre Feasibility Study For A New Congress Centre In Nova Gorica

Pre Feasibility Study For A New Congress Centre In Nova Gorica


On the initiative of developers from Nova Gorica, we started exploring options for developing meetings tourism in Nova Gorica, and researched the effects a new meetings centre would have on the region. The key challenge was to study the current and future demand in Slovenia and in the region. Investors also wanted to know whether meetings activities should act as a supplement to existing tourism, or become one of the main pillars of touristic development in the area.


As current meetings capacities are very limiting for a serious breakthrough in the industry, we thoroughly studied the potential that a new meetings centre might have. Looking at the constant growth of the international congress market, developing a good congress product in Nova Gorica has a lot of potential, especially because it would support the entire Gorice region, where meetings tourism is poorly developed. In the study, we also focused on ecological trends and the state of technological equipment, as well as what is offered alongside. A big emphasis would have to be put on online and other logistical tools, which make keeping track of every single component of the project much easier. Quality is key.


Based on the results of the research, we found that the Gorice region could be earning a lot more in the tourism sector with its natural and other resources. This is the result of focusing on just one core and a few other accompanying products, while depending on just one key market. In line with our market research results, the most perspective market for Nova Gorica is corporate meetings and specialisation in the field of incentive tourism. Nova Gorica offers the perfect combination of outdoor activities, relaxation and business, which form an ideal incentive product.


By building new meetings capacities, the number of meeting guests could increase to 75,960 and bring around 81,000 overnight stays. In addition, new meetings capacities would have a direct positive effect on the expenditure of guests, without any additional costs. Meetings guests are known to extend their stay at a destination once their meeting has concluded and return to the destination as a tourist again in the future.