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Push Up Slovenia Campaign


When Slovenia entered the international meetings scene, the key challenge was improving the number of sales among potential buyers – event organisers. Another challenge was also the database, at the time completely undeveloped. This is the reason why The Slovenian Convention Bureau trusted us with the mission, which included everything from creative design, preparation, and execution of the campaign, the preparation of a buyers’ database and marketing, to the execution of motivational events and different stakeholders. Media relations with foreign international media were undeveloped and we had to make improvements in this part of the story as well. We executed the campaign from 2010 to 2013.  


We came up with the idea when creating a campaign for The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association named Save the Bees. Our inspiration came from the idea of Slovenia as the ideal country for developing Green Meetings Tourism. To do so, we needed practical validation to oppose the stereotypical claims regarding the percentage of forests in Slovenia or the water cleanliness, etc. The bees are an environmental indicator and a great example of either good or bad environmental concern. Slovenian beekeeping is unique and one of a kind due to its sustainability, as it has been a way of life for centuries, because it includes environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects. It proved to be ideal for the promotion of meetings tourism. For the needs of our campaign, we created the special trademark BE BEE, which made its global premiere at IMEX 2010.


The campaign results are very complex and diverse. As the experts in this field put it, it helped Slovenia on the meetings map. From this point of view, the number of contacts in the database of The Slovenian Convention Bureau sharply increased. Further analysis after the completion of all campaign stages showed a number of positive effects. The Slovenian Convention Bureau also gained numerous marketing tools (e-newspapers, web page, CO2 calculator, recommendations for organising green events and an army of promotional brochures).

But what truly impressed us was the placement of the school bee house at CŠOD Draga. The bee house is meant for special needs children and after several years, our idea proved a useful one. The idea of promoting universal values is still relevant now and included:

-Environmental respect

-Slovenia belonging to the global community

-Nature and environment sustainability on a personal level


The campaign was, in fact, ahead of time and the trend that has been especially lately flooding the media and the public.