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The methodology for creating memorable events

Every events planner’s wish is not only to satisfy the participants’ needs but also to inspire them. The power of events lies in the co-creation and the contact of participants with the organiser’s idea. The moment when a spark of creative energy is lit between participants and organisers is limited and therefore requires careful planning.

The process of planning events at our agency is simply called “Power to the meetings”. Even with events, we need a very strong skeleton for good composition. The methodology that we use is based on many years of experience and is inspired by the Danish Meetovation methodology. In order to develop the positive experience of the participants, we follow the logical phases by using a variety of tools integrated into every event and led by certain rules that can only be learnt by time and through experience.

Successful event organisers know how important it is to organise an event with love and positive energy. You need to know how to create a flow of energy between the organisers and participants, the speakers and the audience, the sponsors and the crowd. The event venue has to have a flow as well, like rock festivals or large airports. Above all, to create good energy we have to check the three basic event elements…