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Content Marketing for Ljubljana Convention Bureau

Content Marketing for Ljubljana Convention Bureau


Too often we equate content marketing with writing texts, which couldn’t be further from the truth. So why is content marketing so important for meeting destinations and providers, you might ask. We are certain that efficient content marketing creates opportunities for sales to even happen. In simpler terms, content marketing provides opportunities and salespeople turn those opportunities into cash. Nowadays, creating opportunities and sparking excitement mostly takes place on digital platforms, which are hungry for good stories and quality content marketing. We like to explain this with the metaphor of  a digital beast, which constantly needs to be fed great content or it becomes immensely grumpy.  As Tourism Ljubljana didn’t have an employee specialised in the field of content marketing, this role was entrusted to our agency. We have been creating content and helping push Tourism Ljubljana’s marketing forward with our original stories since 2016. They can be read on all their platforms, from a custom landing page, Facebook profile, newsletters and the Tourism Ljubljana web page.


Every month, we create around 6 stories for Tourism Ljubljana, which are redistributed throughout the communicational system of Kongres Magazine. More than 160 stories have been created since 2016. A special matrix has been developed for measuring the reach of individual stories, this way we can adapt the content to different target groups and bring them the best and most useful information.


The results of the campaign are very clear and confirm the importance of content marketing. Every year, we also measure “TURF”, or Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency.


TURF for 2018 was:
1,848,506 meeting planners

1,693 hot leads (e-magazines)


The structure of reach on individual channels