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Guidelines for further development of incentives in Slovenia



The INCENTIVE RESTART project aims to increase the number of international incentive trips hosted in Slovenia. The project involved a team of experts who worked together to prepare the project. We became involved in the project in the final phase of the project, when we carried out a series of activities for the client, leading to an integral project manual.



Several activities were carried out for the project, the key one being the analysis of the market situation through the preparation of a questionnaire. We developed a methodology for the survey and redacted all the conclusions after all the activities had been completed. As part of the drafting process, we defined the incentive product, reviewed trends and best practices from abroad, and produced guidelines and recommendations. The 12 best incentive products in Slovenia were also selected based on suggestions from all partners. 52 key Slovenian destinations and DMC agencies were involved in the process.



The result is a comprehensive handbook that covers everything from the definition of an incentive product to very practical recommendations for providers and destinations. We are particularly proud of the section on authentic and environmentally responsible incentive experiences in Slovenia. And also on the creation of a vision that says: We want to become the leading incentive destination in Europe, developing in a way that respects the environment, participants and clients. We will be known for our socially responsible incentive programmes.

The vision is supported in the final document by concrete starting points and data.

The document can be viewed at the following link: